navigate Medicinal Marketplace Inc. came into being because of a passion for connecting humanity again to our roots of homeostasis by way of plant based living. We are a B Corporation with our mission built into our by laws: ‘to create high quality natural supplements at an ethical price point & support 501c3 efforts in our local community‘. correlate Our brand ‘CALiHX’ is a craft distilled Hemp Extract, CBD, 0% THC, Cannabinoid Heavy from 400 up to 1111mg products, always 3rd party lab tested and priced to be #medicinalsforthepeople, meaning we pass our abundance onto our clients.

imitrex price merge The business model centers around an economic ecology concept that requires for profit and nonprofit to work hand in hand towards goals that are complementary in their plans. As a for profit entity, as a B Corporation that has in the bylaws and mission, a statement about #givingfirst as a way to vote with your dollars by supporting local non profit programs.

robaxin 500mg suppliers The two nonprofits we support are focused on missions that can hold hands and work together, cohesively to create a real shift with real change.

cheap lasik eye surgery in houston 1. Nonprofit Mission Statement; a safe home & program for those coming from Human trafficking and cults. The end goal is for our guests to live as happy, active & responsible citizens by using introspective career development and multiple healing modalities simultaneously.


2. Nonprofit Mission Statement: Advancement of agricultural science for health and industry through community education and experience for humanity and the Earth.

All Enterprises on the Same Path.

flonase prescription vs otc Education is key to understanding – Working with professionals who focus on end results & how to compliment wellness with supplements & health products is an element that can always be fine tuned. With a team of experts, scientists, activists, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders & business executives, we are building a think tank for continued education and empowerment for healthcare.

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